School Fighting Prevention Institute (Single)

Why is fighting on school campuses on the rise? Fighting and responding with violence has become the norm. The trauma many students and their families experience in their everyday lives is often expressed in the safest controlled environments—typically, that will be a school. It is important for school administrators to understand that keeping schools safe and eliminating fighting on campus will now be mandatory. We cannot afford to take chances or allow empathy to confuse us and create a dangerous environment. 

The Fighting And Physical Altercation Prevention & Policies Institute is one of the only trainings that provides clear guidance to administrators about how to prevent and eliminate fighting on a school campus. This online training will clearly explain and provide guidelines for preventing and properly legislating fighting out of your building.  

In this training, we will discuss the following: 

· The brutal reality of trauma in the lives of many students 

· The definition of fighting in school 

· The distinction between a street fight and a school fight 

· Why students fight to resolve conflicts

· The social-econ views that influence fighting and our fight policies 

· Appropriate descriptive language for fighting 

· The eight Ws for campus fight prevention 

· A progressive action plan to eliminate fighting 

· How to fully understand trauma, its residuals, and its effect on our students and community 

· How to emotionally manage student trauma 

· How to prevent fighting on campus and find the right behavior policies for preventing and eliminating student fighting

This training will also provide a comprehensive plan to show the difference in policy implementation at different levels: the K–5 level, the junior high level, and the high school level. These polices are not the same, and they cannot be implemented in the same way. This training will show you how to implement fighting prevention practices and anti-hitting policies that will allow you to maintain a productive, safe school. 

This is course is for ALL superintendent, principals, dean of students and other security personnel. This training can be used as tool for teachers to better help them understand their role in fight prevention on school campus. 

· Receive five copies of Closing the School Fighting Gap! How To Properly Regulate, Prevent, And Eliminate Fighting From A School Campus

School Fighting Prevention Institute  (Single)
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