June 10,2019 Dallas, TX Training Fee
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“Don’t Kick Them Out!”

The Appropriate School Leadership Approach to Managing Negative Behavior

With One Of America’s Foremost Experts In Behavior Intervention and School Culture, Dr. Jesse W. Jackson III

Suspension does not solve or correct negative student behavior! Educators need a different approach. This seminar will empower professional educators with the knowledge, information, and understanding that they need to improve in-school disciplinary practices and correct the negative behavior of at-risk students. This empowerment seminar will discuss:

  • Why at-risk students get suspended so frequently
  • The wrong approach to negative behavior
  • Why students disrespect teachers
  • 21 dos and don’ts for solving disruptive classroom behavior
  • How to communicate with at-risk students for consistent positive behavioral outcomes
  • Methods of successful discipline with at-risk students
  • What is the school leader’s role in the discipline process
  • How to address behavioral issues of at-risk students


June 10,2019 Dallas, TX Training Fee

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