"Don't Kick Them Out!"

“Don’t Kick Them Out!

Why Black & Latino Students Get Suspended So Frequently &

7 Steps To Address Negative Behavior And Avoid Suspensions

Black and Latino boys are at high risk for social and academic failure. Thus, frequent suspensions have become a norm for black and Latino males. Suspension does not solve or correct negative student behavior! Educators need different approach. This book will empower professional educators with the knowledge, information and understanding they need to improve in school discipline practices and correct negative behavior of black & Latino students. This book will discuss:

  • Why Black & Latino Students Get Suspended So Frequently

  • Anger management: Why our black students display hostile and angry dispositions

  • The difference between abuse, discipline and correction

  • How to communicate with black male students for consistent positive behavioral outcomes

  • Methods of successful discipline with black students

  • Does age and gender matter in the discipline process?

  • How Address To Behavioral Issues Of Black And Latino Boys

  • Common Behaviors for Referrals

  • The Wrong Approach To Negative Behavior

  • 7 Teacher Personality Types

  • Why Do Students Disrespect Teachers?

  • 21 Dos & Don’ts For To Solve Disruptive Classroom Behavior

  • And much more.

"Don't Kick Them Out!"
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