Closing the School Fighting Gap!

This book and training will provide clear guidelines for preventing and properly regulating fighting on your campus. 


In this book, I will discuss the following:

  • The brutal reality of trauma in the lives of many students
  • The definition of fighting in school
  • The distinction between a street fight and a school fight
  • Why students fight to resolve conflicts
  • The social views that influence fighting and our schools fight policies
  • Appropriate descriptive language for fighting
  • The Ws for campus fight prevention
  • A progressive action plan to eliminate fighting
  • How to fully understand trauma, its residuals, and its effects on our students and community
  • How to emotionally manage student trauma
  • How to prevent fighting on campus and find the right behavior policies for preventing and eliminating student fighting

In this book I will also provide a comprehensive plan to show the difference in policy implementation at different levels: the K–5 level, the junior high level, and the high school level. These polices are not the same, and they cannot be implemented in the same way. In this book I will show you how to implement fighting prevention practices and anti-hitting policies that will allow you to maintain a productive, safe school. 

Closing the School Fighting Gap!
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